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Virtual File

Whether your organization deals with case files, customer files, project files, or any combination of them, PIA Systems has a Virtual File solution for you. Our consultants can help you take your paper or electronic documents and map out your information needs. By moving to a virtual file system your company will be able to much better analyze and control the information flow as well as who has access to it, while simultaneously cutting costs and waste.

All relationships that need to be managed in context to your Virtual Files can also be accommodated, no matter how complex they are. This allows for much greater strategic insight and control as you can actually see the breadth and depth of your processes and relationships.

No longer will your organization be subjected to the mini-fiefdoms that information silos help to create. By internalizing all of your strategic and operating information into a single system, the people who need to know will have access to everything they need to know, when they need to know it.

Lastly, all of your business rules will be enforced and your regulatory compliance will be made much easier. Your BizProSys or CPMS solution will “know” everything you need to know and be able to report it to you in any manner you require.

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