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Employee / Workforce Management

BizProSys can be configured to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your employees’ time with the company from prospective new employees right on through to retirement. Instead of separate benefits systems and workflow/project management systems, we allow you to create a single point of management where you can build the employee file as you need to and link it to workflows and projects or anywhere else that is useful within the system.

Since you also can manage your projects and processes within the same system, you can define and assign KPIs, track their progress and even include 360 degree reviews. As with other solutions, this connectivity to your entire business operating network can allow for instant feedback if you desire. In fact, since we offer holistic solutions, you could link each employee to every piece of every project or process that they are a part of and get the most robust view of them possible.

BizProSys can even be set up to help you develop and manage your workforce strategy regarding potential and current full-time or part-time workers and even outside contractors. You can ease the unnecessary pressures on their time with our workload balancing capability.

You can manage group or individual benefits centrally and even manage their development centrally.

Project Team Staffing

Quite often in large multinational institutions, it is not easy to keep track of who has what specialty or experience. This makes creating to best project teams even more complicated. BizProSys allows you to search for specific criteria such as expertise, advanced degree, foreign language fluency, etc. and then assign those employees which meet your needs to any project or process phase.

We even give you the capability to check their availability and book them for part time. If they are fully booked and you need that specific worker, you can wait-list for them to be free so that they can be automatically assigned to your project as soon as they are available.
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