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Enterprise-Wide Strategic Analysis & Management

With the breadth and depth of the information contained within your BizProSys or CPMS solution, you can analyze your entire business environment, set your company’s business strategies, and follow up on the progress towards your goals.

You can link any number of stakeholders (from customers to clients, to financial backers to regulators and many more) to any product, process, project or portfolio and manage those relationships as you determine to be best. We offer a detailed and flexible strategy planning component as well as a strategy mapping feature to help you set and track your strategic agenda.

By having a more complete view of your entire business environment, you can develop a clearer view of your capabilities and resources as well as those of your competitors and compare them in a more meaningful way. Most importantly, you have access to all of the experts within your organization to provide you with their insights as well.

Once you have developed your strategic plan you can better manage it by setting clear guidelines and allowing the system to enforce them. You can formulate your strategy at a high level or develop a strategy at the project phase or specific customer level.

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