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Stakeholder Management / Enhanced CRM

For complex, heterogeneous corporate clients, customer relationship management (or CRM) is very different than for homogeneous client groups like retail customers. The former, by definition, need intensive judgmental management approved by credit committees, while the latter are generally product driven with standard information and approved by credit scoring or formulas.

BizProSys has a much greater depth and breadth than the typical CRM system. Not only does it have a capability to manage and monitor a greater depth of profile information on all types of Stakeholders (Customers, Regulators, Competitors, Supplier/Vendors, Financiers, etc.) but the system also manages complex relationships and strategy formulation and execution.

Since our systems are designed to give you as much information at your fingertips and in such a format that is most useful to you, we are able to provide you with the fullest view of who your key stakeholders are and how much impact they have on your business success.

Most CRM solutions out there today only deal with transactional information related to your customers. Our solution helps you create much deeper profile dossier of all of your key stakeholders and to manage them in a more complete manner. We allow you to link them to any process, project, product, client, etc. in order to create a more accurate map of how they touch your business operations, which allows you to better decide how much resources you need to devote to either neutralizing their effect or ensuring that it is a net positive impact.

BizProSys has numerous integrated subsystems and tools so that effective relationship management can be accomplished:

Pipeline Management and Loan OriginationBizProSys/CPMS allows your marketing staff to track potential deals for existing and prospective clients in a pipeline database. More...

Marketing/ Account PlanThe Marketing/Account Plan is designed to capture relevant competitive information (such as market share data, key competitors, etc.) on significant clients, as well as budget performance information. More...

Target Margeting and Caution/Blacklist ManagementThis invaluable subsystem allows management to not only assign customers to the desired business unit, but also to determine how they are managed.

You can, for example, allow customers to be actively marketed, be passively marketed, discouraged from being marketed, or you can even place them on a caution or blacklist and prevent them from being marketed to at all. More...

In-Depth Customer InformationBizProSys/CPMS contains a section to record comprehensive customer information, including capital structure, organization charts for grouping purposes, business activities of the customer, etc.

All of this information can be monitored as your institution sees fit, so, for example, management could see all customers doing business within a certain industry.

Risk Acceptance / Product FiltersRisk Acceptance/Product Filters can be used by management to shape the client portfolio. They may consist of minimum requirements for certain types of products, restricting business to companies in certain industries to a minimum sales size or any other criteria that management chooses to apply to the portfolio. More...

Contact Reporting & Follow Up DiarizationContact Reporting is an important means of gathering, documenting and following up on information on a client for planning and marketing purposes. More...

Mapping of Client Ownership / Group StructuresWhile just being able to visually see an organization chart of a corporate group and its management is important, it is also very important to be able to ensure that each corporate group is being grouped properly in line with local regulatory requirements. The BizProSys/CPMS Charting subsystem accomplishes both of these objectives very easily from the end user's viewpoint. He or she simply draws the group as it is, determines how the grouping rules apply to that group and BizProSys/CPMS does the rest!

Monitoring Function For Market-Relevant InformationBizProSys/CPMS has a built in Monitoring subsystem, called DataSleuth Pro. It is a very powerful yet easy-to-use plain language querying tool that can be used for a myriad of purposes, including marketing analysis.

An end user might, for example, read a newspaper article indicating that tourism is growing in a certain area of the country and then want to search to find clients who are active in that industry in order to push certain products to them. This is easily done with the DataSleuth Pro. More..

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