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Risk Management & Policy Compliance

PIA Systems can incorporate your institution's Policy and Operations manuals and enforce these rules within BizProSys or CPMS to ensure that they are followed, in order to minimize losses and help ensure regulatory and process compliance.

Our workflow processor is customized to your specific workflow(s). This means that BizProSys and CPMS can match the workflow exactly and does not force your institution to alter your processes to fit restrictive software. Our consultants can, however, help you optimize and streamline your business processes to take full advantage of an integrated system to the fullest. Follow this link to find out more…

You can define your own unique compliance requirements and have them automatically enforced within the system. BizProSys and CPMS can make sure that everything that needs to get done is done, is done properly, and is done on time. Conversely, they can help to ensure that restricted actions are not done, or that the appropriate people are notified.

Every rule that your company requires to be complied with can be set as a rule and enforced by your system as strictly or flexibly as you require. Rules violations will either stop the process from being submitted for approval, or raise a warning flag to the authority responsible for approvals.

Risk Management

Our solutions can help you manage your operational and financial risks in a number of ways:

Firstly, we can offer an enterprise-wide solution so that you can manage the first big hurdle in risk management, and that is to be able to know about as much of your risks and exposure as possible—as they occur.

Secondly, we can build check points into your processes to enforce rules and limits at the most critical points for your business.

Thirdly, we give you the tools and data structure to perform robust “What If” scenarios to try to head off potential problems in the future.

Fourthly, we can add benchmarks and hurdle rates into your processes to help weed out riskier behavior and transactions.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we can enforce your rules to the extent necessary to maintain a satisfactory risk profile.

Compliance Management

We can help you manage and enforce your compliance requirements (to the most practical level possible). Neither BizProSys nor CPMS can guarantee complete fraud protection within all of your processes, but they can help you minimize it.

We believe that many compliance issues are of the clerical variety rather than deliberate attempts to break rules, and it is these instances that we can limit or eliminate.
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