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Product Management

We can tailor a solution to help you develop and manage the marketing of your products from concept through any approvals or design processes that your business requires, and continue right on through to the sales and marketing strategy and even regulatory compliance if applicable.

By seamlessly integrating all of these various stages in the product lifecycle, we can help you reduce information processing and help you ensure that your processes remain as tightly under control as possible. We can even help you manage the stakeholder relationships that most affect the success of your products (competing products from customers, vendors, financial backers or regulators).

Product Development Strategy

Because resources are scarce, it is crucial that the products with the highest potential for success get funded first. BizProSys can help you analyze your product development options to determine which ones best meet your criteria. By capturing your crucial product information into an integrated system, you compare financials, potential competitors, and even strategic alternatives. All within the same system.

Once a new product has been approved for development, you can then assign the development team and track key developent mile-stones. BizProSys even allows you to allocate funding to specific phases of development based on specific success criteria being met, so that you can further minimize your risks.

Regulatory Approvals

In industries where products must meet regulatory approval, it is essential to ensure that you meet all regulatory pre-conditions as well as have access to all of the key information required for submissions. BizProSys can help you make sure you have met the required steps and have gathered all of the required data. With huge development costs at risk, it is crucial that the approval process goes as smoothly as possible. Only a completely integrated system can help you ensure that your business does in fact meet all of the guidelines you need to meet. BizProSys can validate all of your operational data to ensure that it meets the key hurdles.

Product Marketing

Once a new product is ready to go to market, you can seamlessly move into developing and carrying out the marketing strategy as well as targeting key potential customers.

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