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Process Management

We at PIA Systems are experts at automating business processes. We did it first in CPMS for the banking industry, and we have now done it again for your industry in BizProSys.

We take your rules, your information requirements, your workflows, your compliance requirements and your regulatory requirements and we give you a custom tailored, adjustable solution that will consistently meet your needs. This adaptability means that even as your needs change over time, your system will be easily reconfigured to match your new needs.

One of the main benefits of an automated business process is that once your system is set up and has been in use for a short period of time, you only need to deal with changes in the process or information going forward. All previous information is used and stored and will be available for the next cycle of the process. No more cutting and pasting from various forms and documents to annual reviews or renewals. The system simply allows you to move forward and make whatever limited changes you need to make.

Furthermore, you are able to capture as much intellectual capital from your workforce and internalize it as possible before they retire, or leave the firm.

Workflow Engine

Our systems have an end-to-end workflow management engine built-in that can accommodate whatever workflow, approval routing(s), or hierarchy a company wishes, no matter how complex.  This often differs by business unit, marketing group, product, etc. and can be changed by your company as your needs change.

We give you the ability to see where in the workflow any given process is. Furthermore, the system has built in interactivity for users along the workflow. The system can alert you when your part of the process is ready to be completed, that something that you need to get done is coming due or is over-due, that one of your subordinates is not doing their job, or even if something that has been submitted for approval has been approved or not.

As with all of our solutions, we have built in the flexibility to allow for pre-set workflows, ad hoc custom workflows, or any combination of either. BizProSys and CPMS even have the capability to allow for a workflow to be altered after it is already underway (subject to your operating rules and user rights). This allows you to add in greater scrutiny if you feel a particular situation requires it.

The system doesn’t even require you to follow a straight linear approval route. You can have multiple tracks of simultaneous workflow tasks if that best fits your needs. Our philosophy is to allow you the greatest flexibility in your workflow process, while still giving you the control over that process that you need.

Reduce Operating Costs Fewer personnel are required to do the work that is needed for the administration of your business. Operations departments alone can be dramatically reduced when our system is implemented. These departments will also become dramatically more efficient. More control and fewer instances of error both help to lessen the potential for operating losses while reducing operating costs.

It is common for relationship managers to spend 40% or more of their time doing essentially clerical and administrative type work when preparing applications, annual reviews, and filling out other various forms and reports in financial institutions. We have seen a similar lack of efficiency in other industries as well. BizProSys and CPMS have been demonstrated to cut that time down to 10-20%, leaving 80-90% of the workers time to more effectively carry out your business.

Also, by strictly enforcing rules and relentlessly following up on contractual covenants and assigned tasks, your system can greatly reduce the costs associated with failures to comply to all of your obligations.

By helping your company maintain the highest quality credit profile, BizProSys and CPMS can help your institution boost your credit rating and profitability, thus helping you to reduce your borrowing costs.

Turn Your Company Into A Fully Integrated Collaborative Business Network PIA Systems can turn your entire corporate enterprise into a single fully integrated collaborative business network. Most of your departments and business functions interact already. We have taken this interaction into consideration when we developed BizProSys and CPMS. Everywhere there is an information or process overlap, there is room for cost and efficiency savings. Our consultants can help you streamline your entire organization and our software solutions can help you take advantage of new operational effectiveness that is only possible through an integrated automated solution like BizProSys or CPMS.

Once a part of your information has been captured, there is no need to duplicate the effort by any other department or business function. In a sense, we boil down your information needs into the most basic elements and only need to add in any pieces of information not already included in the system.

We then enable your business to work collaboratively. Each department or business function only needs to add information unique to their roles, while benefiting from everyone else’s efforts within the company to provide their respective parts.

This collaborative network is then capable of a much higher level of productivity.

Reduce ErrorsThe more times that the same data needs to be entered or reentered into multiple systems, documents, reports, or forms, the more chances there are for errors to result. Our systems are designed to eliminate duplicate data entry and thus reduce the potential for errors to occur. Both BizProSys and CPMS also incorporate validation checks at several stages of each process which further reduces the chances of error.

Our systems reduce redundancies and eliminate much of your existing work-steps by automating the process and utilizing your data as efficiently and effectively as possible. This also reduces the time and cost needed to correct those errors.

Reduce The Administrative Burden Of Your ProcessesToo much of your professional staff's time is spent gathering data and putting it into forms, documents, reports, etc. thus taking up valuable time that could otherwise be spent running your business. With BizProSys and CPMS, it has been shown, that it is possible to reduce the amount of time needed for administration down to 10-20% of these worker’s time, leaving the remaining 80-90% available for producing revenue for your company.

A large percentage of the administrative duties that are currently performed by people in your company can be either partially or completely automated and performed by the system.

Once your business processes are integrated and automated in BizProSys or CPMS, then filling out forms, reports, and standard documentation can all be done at the push of a button. These systems even go so far as to validate all of the information and make sure that all required information is included and in the proper format.

Documentation Processing & Management Is Largely AutomatedThis department within a company typically handles large volumes of documents, collateral and payments. BizProSys and CPMS automate a large part of these functions on an integrated basis.

Standard documents, even sets of standard documents, can be automatically filled in, generated and validated for errors or missing information.

Covenants in contracts and other legal documents can even be automatically tracked and followed up on, so that you can ensure that your company remains in compliance. You can also be alerted when the other party is not meeting their agreed terms.

Auditing Is Largely Automated Not only will your audit department be able to perform their job much more efficiently, they will be able to perform auditing related tasks that would otherwise not be possible in a manual system. For example, with BizProSys or CPMS it is possible for your Audit Department to continuously run audit monitors on a daily basis.

Also, unlike a manual system, with our systems, it is possible to trap audit issues before they have an impact on your business.

Since the entire business process is contained within a single system, it is possible to do a trace on who was responsible for any part of the workflow. This allows you to perform process audits as well.

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