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Portfolio Management

However you define your portfolios, be it client portfolios, product portfolios, project portfolios, collateral portfolios, even risk portfolios, or any other type of portfolio, we can tailor a solution to best suit your needs. We can help you set segmentation requirements and limits, as well as manage your marketing and other business strategies so that you can set your business processes to maximize your goals.

We have built-in tools for trend analysis as well as for target marketing (both setting up target markets as well as ensuring that your processes respect those target guidelines).  You can also establish portfolio limits with respect to currency, products, etc. so that you do not get overexposed.

BizProSys/CPMS helps you manage your entire dynamic portfolio throughout your business cycle—and to do so dynamically. One of the major problems with portfolio management today is that companies are trying to manage them with fragmented static tools rather than in a dynamic integrated system. This leaves gaps in the management process that often result in losses and increased costs.

For example, you can have a very well developed business auditing system but still not able to continually audit your entire portfolio and instead have to rely on costly travel and on carrying out audits on a cyclical basis rather than automatically on a continual basis through software. This same system, when implemented dynamically and continually through BizProSys/CPMS is much more efficient in trapping and preventing problems, sometimes even before they occur.

BizProSys/CPMS allows you virtual total control over your portfolio. When interfaced with your existing back office systems, BizProSys/CPMS provides a completely integrated end-to-end straight through processing solution for portfolio management.

BizProSys/CPMS is by far the most powerful and functionality-rich system on the market. Where other solutions only handle limited parts of the portfolio management process, we successfully integrate the entire process into one solution.

Through BizProSys/CPMS' unique design architecture, it is finally possible to get a complete and accurate picture of your entire global portfolio in a single view.

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