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Intelligence / Knowledge Management

Creating The Truly Intelligent Business System

PIA Systems has designed our products to make gathering your business crucial information as painless and seamless as possible. We then help you put that information to work as much as possible for you. Most information within your company is used for more than one purpose. We’ve designed our systems to take advantage of that and to allow you to use all of your information as efficiently and effectively as possible which helps reduce errors and operating costs.

BizProSys is specifically designed to give you a global view of all of your strategic business information and in as much detail as you decide is necessary. And since the information is in an operations-based system you can act on that information instantly as well.

Our built in analytical tools help you to gain greater insight and control over all of your information in a way that is unprecedented in modern business.

The 3 keys to a good Intelligence / Knowledge Management program are to;

  1. Successfully capture all of the information you need to manage,
  2. Efficiently use that information once it has been captured
  3. Easily and effectively be able to gain insight from that information by analyzing, querying and monitoring it

BizProSys and CPMS successfully deliver on all of these!

We can help you to capture your firms Intellectual Property before it walks out the door.

By gathering your information mostly by simply carrying out your business operations, you can capture detailed profile, strategy, and relationship information that you might not otherwise capture in your current paper and electronic document-based processes. With the global workforce aging, this is the easiest way for your company to retain this valuable knowledge and have it available for future generations of workers to benefit from.

BizProSys and CPMS are both designed to help you manage even the most complex relationship structures—even for corporate groups having hundreds of companies in them. This allows you to more easily keep track of clients, suppliers/vendors, competitors, regulators, projects, etc.

We Can Bust Your Information Silos

Our tailored solutions are designed to get all of your business critical information into a single system for everyone to use as they need to. We help you design your business processes so that the experts are the ones who enter the data, so that the highest quality information is on hand for everyone. The value of an employee should be the quality of the information and knowledge they provide to your institution, not their ability to keep it to themselves.

Leverage The Power Of Your Firm's Collective Knowledge Base

Rarely do you find a single person who knows everything there is to know within a company. Typically you need to go to several people in different departments to get a full idea about a project or customer, etc. With BizProSys and CPMS, you will still have experts in certain areas, but now everyone will have access to the full information that they need. You no linger have to search desk by desk for what you need to know and then cut and paste that information into your reports or documents.

Unlike corporate wikis, in a database system like ours that is tailored to your specific business processes, all of your information will be where you need it to be. You won't have to search and cut and paste from a website either as the system will be able to autofill in all of the required information for your standard reports, forms, and documents.

Built In Data Mining And Analysis With DataSleuth Pro

BizProSys and CPMS have a powerful built in Data Mining capability, called DataSleuth Pro, which allows users to query the database on a user-rights basis. Users can use plain language to "ask" the system about a nearly unlimited number of questions about all fields to which the user has rights.

This puts the power to “know” into the business users hands. You can instantly “ask” the system any pertinent question as you think of it and get the answer instantly. We also give you the flexibility to continually ask questions in order to keep tabs on a situation and to drill deeper into the details so that you can quickly understand what is going on. You no longer have to chase up several departments to get to the bottom of a situation or wait for your IT department to run a report for you. We give you the power to find out what you need to know, when you need to know it.

To find out more about DataSleuth Pro in BizProSys click here.
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