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Financial Management

BizProSys centralizes financial analysis and projections with automated consolidation according to your accounting rules. You design and build your own models within the system and can do comparison reports to industry averages, projections, historical trends, etc.

Our built in Financial Modeling capability allows for greater control and analysis of your financial information as well as the ability to automate your financial approvals processes. These models can then be linked to projects, processes, customers, groups, etc. for greater insight and accountability.

You can drill-down into the details or you can consolidate according to portfolio or grouping guidelines and accounting rules. In fact, for multinational firms, BizProSys can help you meet multiple accounting guidelines simultaneously.

Furthermore, since Financial Modeling is integrated with the rest of the system, there is no need to have a separate centralized department just to consolidate all of your divisions’ information. That can be done automatically for you as soon as the information has been entered into the system from anywhere within your global organization. This also means that you will have near “live” financial data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

BizProSys gives you the capability to run realistic projections and later compare them to actuals for analysis, so that you can continually improve your financial projection models going forward. Since BizProSys uses field-based models instead of cell-based models, we give you greater flexibility to compare across models, customers, projects, etc. You can have confidence that you are in fact comparing “apples” to “apples”.
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