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Enterprise Management

Only by managing your enterprise holistically, can you truly take optimum advantage of both the scope and scale of your organization. We at PIA Systems have taken an integrative approach to business management. We recognized a common phenomenon across all industries where the same information and processes were being duplicated over and over again and there was no one who knew everything about the entire business. The more business units and more business functions there are in a company, the more duplication of information and effort existed. We decided that the existing business solutions were not sufficient to handle the entire enterprise. So we designed CPMS for banks and then BizProSys for everyone else.

Our systems allow you to manage your entire corporate operations in a single integrated system. Capture and manage all of your strategic intelligence, including customer/account information, competitive intelligence and analysis, supplier/vendor management all within a single business system! We can even hook into your existing specialized systems if necessary so that you don’t lose any of your operating capabilities.

With one integrated system, you can much more easily manage your operational and financial risk as well as compliance both centrally and with greater control.

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