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Business Audit

With BizProSys all of your financial and operational information is within a single database system which allows you to perform continuous financial as well as operational audits of your entire enterprise either on an ad hoc or regularly scheduled basis.

Since BizProSys is an operations based system, your audit department will have access all of the background information as well as the raw financial information in near real time. This gives the auditors the power to immediately drill-down into the details without having to chase people for answers or navigate through red tape to find out what they need to know.

The system, also allows them to continously monitor the data for any unusual activity or event and be notified of it as it happens.

By enforcing all of your business rules, we can ensure that issues are followed-up. If they are not, then we can ensure the proper accountability within the workflow and hierarchy. We offer system-wide monitoring, and reporting of all areas within your customized system.

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