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Reporting & Monitoring

BizProSys & CPMS are configured to meet all of your reporting needs through a combination of standard included reports as well as third party built reports which can be hooked into your system for use by end users.

PIA Systems uses an open-reporting architecture allowing you to use any number of reporting tools to produce an unlimited amount of reports to satisfy your reporting needs. BizProSys then “hands off” the data to the reporting executable which then generates the report fro the data contained within your system.

BIS Regulatory Compliance CPMS has a very robust set of features that meet all Basel II requirements. More...

Early Warning SystemBizProSys and CPMS have a true early warning system. While some vendors consider alerting a user to an already happening adverse event as being “early”, CPMS alerts the user to potential problems before they happen by allowing you to monitor for factors that can potentially result in a problem.

For example, DS Pro could continually monitor for the following condition: “tell me as soon as it occurs when any borrower on average over the previous 30 days has used 80% or more or its overdraft line.” This is generally an indication of a borrower getting into trouble because they should not be relying this much on an overdraft line and in so doing frequently means they are running out of more traditional funding sources. Picking this up in advance can allow you to take preemptive action to reduce or eliminate a loss or NPL.

Covenant & Other Event Monitoring & TicklersFinancial covenants can be automatically checked against a client's financials. Event covenants, such as a requirement for a client to give the financial institution quarterly financials, are monitored and notified to the user by the Diary subsystem. This insures tight control over this process.

The user can also monitor other follow-up financial and event tests as well in the same manner even if they are not specifically covenanted. This gives you more control and awareness of key events and their effect on your loan portfolio.

Continuous Monitoring SubsystemCPMS was designed so that all of the information contained within the system is as usable and accessible as possible. With that in mind, we developed the most robust and user-friendly querying tool that we could. Our monitoring sub-system allows the business user to directly “ask” the system any question related to information that they have access-rights to view.

Monitoring can either be done on an ad hoc, deferred or scheduled basis. This means that vital questions can be answered immediately while less critical questions to be answered when the network and servers are less busy. Advanced rules pertaining to queing are also possible. For example, the CEO could have priority over an administrative query.

Monitors can be macro in nature (applying to all the customers to which a user has rights), on a micro basis (applying only to a specific customer or customers) or somewhere in between (such as on a certain industry segment). Monitors can be financial tests (finding customers having current ratios below or above a certain level), textual searches (finding any customer who has "Tom Smith" as a director) or field comparisons (such as a change in auditors). Monitors can also monitor for missing documentation or collateral.

Monitors can also be as simple or as complex as the user desires. They can even be run with complete confidentiality if the user wishes, since users can run the monitors by themselves. For example, three members of a credit committee may be willing to approve a credit application for a customer, but one member may want to monitor the liquidity status of the borrower, another the leverage status and the third whether "Tom Smith" remains a director of the company.
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