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CPMS Functionality Overview

PIA Systems’ team of credit and software professionals have developed the industry's most comprehensive and integrated Marketing and Credit Process Management System to dramatically improve the administration of your lending operations end-to-end. Whether you are today using a variety of systems and spreadsheets, or manually administering these processes, the CPMS system can help you significantly improve upon their management.

CPMS becomes the umbrella that helps you manage all parts of your credit process and credit related systems.

CPMS is designed to be intuitive and easy to use while at the same time built to be a complex and powerful system--just like your financial institution's Credit Process. It is because of the level sophistication and complexity that CPMS has, that CPMS has what it takes to meet the needs of an ever-changing and complex financial industry. We’ve built CPMS to handle the complexity and to relentlessly enforce your banking rules for you.

CPMS easily and cost effectively grows as you grow, meeting your present requirements while helping you to be constantly ready for the future. CPMS can be used to manage different business units within a financial institution, such as Multinational, Corporate, Commercial, Private and Investment Banking--all in one database. Our technology was developed to meet the “real world” requirements by end users such as yourself, providing:

Market Driven and Proven PerformanceThe success and profitability of your Credit Process depends upon your ability to administer it efficiently, from a marketing, credit loss and operational cost point of view. While CPMS is based upon one of the world's most market proven and effective Marketing and Credit Processes, it is fully configurable to how you want to do business.

The framework that CPMS is based upon has been used in both private and government-owned banks, and is completely adaptable and configurable to your bank's unique competitive environment and business process. These unique market and business thrusts determine how your CPMS system is set up and works. We do not force on you some unrealistic, pre-determined model.

CPMS manages your business strategy using your credit process in your own currency and language, while also allowing you to benefit from globally recognized Best Practices.

FlexibilityEffective Marketing and Credit Processes adapt quickly to a financial institution's changing needs. To maintain performance levels over both high growth and difficult economic cycles, technology must flexibly keep pace with this change and incorporate growth and new structures in a way transparent to your customers.

It must not cause downtime when upgraded, and must operate in all business units.

It must adapt to, and be changeable among, any back office system or database, such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Teradata, etc., or any combination of them, as your needs require.

CPMS does.

ControlControlling these processes requires managing external and internal factors (multiple competitors with varying operating capabilities, calling patterns, credit skills and marketing strategies, etc). CPMS technology automates processes seamlessly while providing effective risk management, reporting and auditing controls.

Credit Quality CPMS provides reliable service at competitive prices with minimal credit risk to the bank with the lowest possible cost. CPMS strictly enforces your credit lending rules to ensure that only the highest quality loans make it onto your books. If a loan should start to falter, CPMS can alert you and allow you to take immediate action to prevent the loan from becoming more of a problem than need be.

Regulatory ComplianceCPMS helps you to meet regulator's increasing risk management and reporting demands and capital requirements, while minimizing interference with on-going internal operations and business goals.

Rating Agency Standards CPMS even helps you to meet external rating agency standards to achieve and maintain the highest possible ratings on the financial institution's debt and bond issues to keep funding costs low.

BIS, Internal and External Auditor StandardsCPMS also helps you to meet auditor and BIS standards to easily and cost effectively obtain unqualified audits of the bank's books and certification of acceptable portfolio quality, Marketing and Credit processes and technical standards.

Operational ExcellenceCPMS provides reliable service at competitive prices with minimal inconvenience and delay in customer response. CPMS increases productivity by substantially reducing the burden of the credit process through automation. Gains of up to 30% are achievable.

Customer FocusCPMS responds quickly to the new and changing demands of the target markets throughout your organization. We help you build a complete customer relationship profile, which your Relationship Managers will have continual access to whenever they should need it. CPMS gives them the most complete view of the customer file as possible to ensure that the people who need to know do.

Innovative ServicesCPMS gives you the insight to think ahead and develop and introduce new, more flexible products and services, helping you attain and maintain leadership in the markets you serve.

Cost EffectivenessCPMS allows you to provide reliable, competitive products and services at the lowest possible operating and credit loss costs.

CPMS allows you to streamline your lending operations and eliminate any loan applications which do not meet your banks credit standards before even entering the formal approval process.

Cost ReductionCPMS reduces operating costs and credit losses by reducing and eliminating opportunities for errors in data entry, automating the credit department, documentation, disbursement and credit audit functions.

CPMS reduces funding costs by helping minimize credit losses and NPLs, thereby maintaining higher credit ratings that let you pay less for your funds (a 25 basis point change in funding costs can mean tens of millions of dollars in savings for a large institution).

CPMS reduces credit losses by maintaining control and compliance throughout the credit cycle, by providing continual early warning monitoring and reporting capability, and by providing current valuation and allocation of collateral.

Cost savings averaging over 100% per annum on the CPMS investment are achievable

Increased Shareholder valueCPMS helps you to maximize profits and minimize costs, which in turn generates higher stock prices for investors.

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