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DataSleuth Pro

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Data Mining

Putting The Power Of Your Data Into Your Hands

BizProSys and CPMS put the power to “know” into the business users hands. You can “ask” the system any pertinent question as you think of it and get the answer. DataSleuth Pro™ also gives you the flexibility to continually ask questions on a scheduled basis in order to keep tabs on a situation as well as to drill deeper into the details so that you can quickly understand what is going on. You no longer have to chase up several departments to get to the bottom of a situation or wait for a report. DataSleuth Pro gives you the power to find out what you need to know, when you need to know it, continually monitoring your information needs.

DataSleuth Pro is a data management solution that allows business users to accurately monitor, manage, probe, measure, communicate and keep tabs on your business’ data.  

DataSleuth Pro allows continuous, dynamic monitoring and auditing that can run in the background on a “schedule it and forget it” basis or on a one-off ad hoc basis.

Today, companies have access to huge amounts of data without effective and efficient means of dynamically and continually monitoring that data for use in their day to day business decisions.  This data can, and usually is, changing virtually constantly. This demands that it be measured and managed with a high level of accuracy and speed. This pressure, combined with the increased frequency and magnitude of data-dependant events for marketing, risk and other needs, calls for a high level of precision. These events must be communicated to management and simply cannot be achieved by reporting systems alone. For financial data, the challenge is even more complex due to sheer volume: tens or even hundreds of thousands of customers in different industries, countries and size ranges must be monitored in an effective and consistent basis for a wide variety of variables: covenants, early warning indicators, financial performance benchmarks, etc.

DataSleuth Pro: Delivering Insight Into The Marketing Opportunities And Risk Of Public And Private Business

DataSleuth Pro allows users to measure and manage data, performance and risk with a high degree of accuracy for a wide multitude of purposes. It enables businesses and regulators to significantly improve their management, compliance and auditing processes. You can manage data from the macro (company wide), sub-macro (branch) and/or micro (customer) levels or anywhere in between, place automatic analytical monitoring resources where the real risk or opportunity lies and more easily anticipate and identify adverse events or opportunities instead of reacting to them once they have occurred or finding out about them after your competition does.

Powering DataSleuth Pro: Your Internal and External Databases

You, the business user, author your own unique monitors in a straightforward, common language manner to ensure that you meet your own unique needs.  These can be:

  • Financial tests (show me any customer with a current ratio of less than 1.5 to 1; show me when Customer A’s leverage ratio goes above 1:1)
  • Textual searches (show me anywhere Tom Jones is a director of a company doing business with us)
  • Field comparisons (show me when a customer has had a change in auditors)

You can even search for data that is missing! (show me any customers that have not given me a financial statement in the last 90 days; show me any customer who has not been called upon in the last 30 days).

Your monitors can be simple, as those ones shown above or complex (show me any customer whose name contains “Scan” in it, has a customer number in the 100-200 range and has a current ratio less than 1.5:1 or a leverage ratio higher than 1:1).  You author them as you see fit.  They can contain any combination of financial tests, textual searches and field comparison.  DataSleuth Pro can also be set up to be authored and run in any language or combination of languages (English, German, Japanese, etc).

DataSleuth Pro Offers Flexibility:

  • “Schedule it and forget it” capability: powerful, accurate ad hoc, scheduled, and event-triggered monitoring for public and private companies.  Let DataSleuth Pro do the rest for you while you attend to other priorities.  Once there is a hit on one of your monitors, it will automatically be sent to you and whomever else you have designated to get it
  • In-depth monitoring on any company and changes in their risk and/or performance
  • Ability to forward & receive automatic notification of your monitor results to your selected recipients as determined by you either before the monitors are run, after they are run or both
  • Your monitors run when you want them to; scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), deferred (as network resources allow), or immediately
  • Complete confidentiality (you author and run your monitors yourself).  No one need know what you are running
Complete access rights control (only those that have the rights to see your results can see them, and then only those monitor results that match their rights).
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