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Contact Management & Follow-Up Diarization

Contact Management is an important means of gathering, documenting and following up on information on a client for strategic planning and marketing purposes. This process can be quite expensive if travel is involved, so management may wish to have these plans pre-approved before the relationship manager goes on a call. Then, afterwards, it is important that the follow-up items are actually followed up in order to ensure that what was required to be done is actually done.

The Contact Management functionality is built into both BizProSys and CPMS and is integrated with their Diary subsystems so that all relevant staff are reminded that they need to do certain things by certain dates. The Diary subsystem is also integrated into action plans for the same reasons. If a required item/action is not accomplished by the due date, automatic notification can be generated to supervisors, auditors, etc. These alerts can even be escalated to higher and higher levels within the organization as time passes and they are still not completed, if desired.

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