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BizProSys is more than just a software system. It is the backbone of a complete Business System. With the proper consulting to go along with BizProSys you can transform your business into a lean, agile, responsive and intelligent corporation.

PIA Systems’ products and consulting are intertwined. You cannot take full advantage of what systems like BizProSys or CPMS have to offer without realigning or modifying your business processes. Likewise, you cannot fully transform your company into a lean business machine without a fully integrated and holistic system like BizProSys.

Our Management Consultants are trained to help you rethink how your business is run. Information flow, control, and usage is just as important (if not more so) than process flow and control. We can show you how to structure your business processes so that they require the least amount of cost to run. Our consultants are also trained to help you structure your information in the most efficient and productive way as well. This allows for greater control and analytical ability going forward, while helping to simplify your regulatory obligations as well.

Specific consulting services are:

Business Process Audit

Our consultants will review your business processes and information flows and provide you with a more comprehensive view of how your specific company, operating within your unique operating environment, can save money by adopting Lean Business Processes in connection with a BizProSys or CPMS system. The resulting audit will show you in concrete terms the money and time savings that your business can attain and help make the decision to adopt one of our BPM solutions much more straight forward.

Business Process Optimization

In order to fully take advantage of an automated business process, our consultants will help you re-configure your existing business processes. Part of this involves structuring as much of your information needs as possible, which helps later analytics to be more in depth and valuable. We also carve out as much of the administrative and clerical aspects of your business processes as possible in order increase overall efficiencies and effectiveness.

Our consultants have a unique understanding of holistic business process automation as well as a deep understanding of business processes and flows in general. We know where to look and how to structure your operations to meet all of your control, risk, cost, and efficiency needs.

Implementation & Training

Our consultants are intimately familiar with PIA System’s product offerings and help smooth the implementation process as well as assist your organization in converting into a lean corporation. We can work with your HR department and in-house training programs to design the best solution to both your initial as well as ongoing training needs.

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