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Target Marketing / Caution / BlackList Management

This invaluable subsystem allows management to not only assign customers to the desired business unit, but also to determine how they are managed.

You can, for example, allow customers to be actively marketed, be passively marketed, discouraged from being marketed, or you can even place them on a caution or blacklist and prevent them from being marketed to at all.

You can then apply rules to their management. For example, you can prevent any blacklisted customer's file from being submitted for approval, or you can require any customer that is on a caution list to go through a special approval process.

Companies have learned that when business units market outside of their defined and assigned target markets their costs rise dramatically and their success rate falls dramatically. The Target Marketing/Caution/Blacklist Management Subsystem is crucial for the protection of the financial institution's risk assets. Combined with the Risk Asset Filtering capability, clients can also be restricted to only certain types of risk assets on certain terms.
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