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Business Process Automation

PIA System’s products and consulting services are geared towards automating as much of your company’s clerical and administrative work as possible. By spanning all corporate business processes and functions, BizProSys (and CPMS for the Banking world) turns your company into a networked business community. This allows you to better leverage your human capital by minimizing the duplication of information processing and data entry.

Information is gathered during your normal business cycle and all of your information processing is then done by the system. Once any part of your business has gathered the information, it is then available for everyone else who needs it.

Automated Business Processes have enhanced capabilities built into them that traditional people/paper-based systems simply cannot match. For example, our solutions allow for much more in-depth and broader analysis of your business environment. We can structure your system to follow your business rules to ensure that the information you need is attained when you need it and by whom you need it from. We can automate your workflows, allowing for as much rigidity or flexibility as you need or wish to allow. Your forms and documentation can also be generated at the push of a button since the system will “know” everything about your business that it needs to.

You will also be able to do much more realistic forecasting using our built in “What if?” scenario planning capability, since much more of your strategic and operational knowledge will be captured in the same system.

Ultimately, our products are designed to give you both control and flexibility allowing your business to be as agile as possible within your competitive operating environment.
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