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Collaborative Business Network

A Collaborative Business Network is a business system which allows you to operate your business processes in such a way that each contributing worker only needs to contribute their part to the whole, while benefiting from the work of everyone else.

A close analogy is a controlled wiki environment where the collective community creates the knowledge-base. However, unlike a true wiki environment, your processes are not open to everyone and specific roles, responsibilities, and rights are maintained and managed. This allows for “experts” to add their value to your business knowledge while simultaneously eliminating the clerical, administrative and heavy word-processing aspect of their jobs.

A key feature in a Collaborative Business Network is that it incorporates all business departments and all roles within the corporate setting. This includes everyone from top management, Operations, Strategy, Marketing, HR, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Audit, etc. Each is a specific expert in their respective domain, but each also relies on and supports the others. By linking them all together it is possible to eliminate a substantial amount of overlap in the work they each do. It also creates a unique opportunity for insight and analysis across the entire company that is not possible in a traditional people/paper-based organization.

BizProSys and CPMS were specifically designed to take advantage of this and provide this capability to you. Contact us today to find out how we can help streamline and empower your organization.

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