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About PIA Systems Corporation

PIA Systems Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, provides the business world with a comprehensive solution for managing Business Processes and Risks with BizProSys and the Credit Process Management System (CPMS ™). PIA Systems understands the needs and challenges of managers trying to adapt to market- and cost-driven environments and how to adapt technological solutions to them in order to meet the needs of bankers, rating agencies, regulators and auditors including the BIS.

Our flagship product, CPMS™, grew out of the financial consulting practice of our president and co-founder while successfully rebuilding several major banks' Credit Processes. Realizing that a Credit Process could only be successfully managed through a completely automated system, due to its complex nature, requirements for compliance, and the exorbitant costs of manual Credit Processes, the CPMS concept was born.

BizProSys takes the concept even further and tackles even more management issues in order to become an industry-independent solution. We’ve created a system which will truly allow you to transform the way you do business.

PIA Systems is a Pioneer of Lean Business Processes

BizProSys extends the scope of your informational assets within and throughout all of your business processes. All information is available for all users to use when they need it. Information silos are broken apart by connecting the entire corporate structure into one overall system. This networked business process allows you to carve out duplicate work while also ensuring that everyone is working off of the same set of information.

PIA Systems’ Lean Corporate model can offer your business both a cost advantage as well as a competitive advantage.

BizProSys Allows You To Automate Your Business Processes

PIA System’s products and consulting services are geared towards automating as much of your company’s clerical and administrative work as possible. By spanning all corporate business processes and functions, BizProSys (and CPMS for the Banking world) turns your company into a networked business community. This allows you to better leverage your human capital by minimizing the duplication of information processing and data entry.

Information is gathered during your normal business cycle and all of your information processing is then done by the system. Once any part of your business has gathered the information, it is then available for everyone else who needs it. Click here to learn more...

Collaborate In A Truly Meaningful Way With BizProSys

A Collaborative Business Network is a business system, similar to a wiki, which allows you to operate your business processes in such a way that each contributing worker only needs to contribute their additional part, while benefiting from the work of everyone else.

BizProSys/CPMS is designed to enable your business to operate as collaboratively as possible throughout the entire process. Unlike file sharing systems, BizProSys/CPMS allows you to truly work as a team with each “expert” adding their value to your business knowledge while simultaneously eliminating the clerical, administrative and heavy word-processing aspect of their jobs.

TechSource Instead Of Outsource

When you outsource your administrative business processes, you get moderate cost savings, little if any productivity gains, and inevitably give up at some of the control you had. This is because you are only shifting which people are doing the job, not how the job is being done. However, if you Techsource your processes with BizProSys, you not only can gain considerable cost savings, but much larger productivity gains and greater control as well.

BizProSys/CPMS enables you to capitalize on the advantages of technology to help you streamline your business processes, you also gain advantages in knowledge management as well as gain capabilities simply not possible in strictly human-based process.

Put A Virtual File System To Work For You

Whether your organization deals with case files, customer files, project files, or any combination of them, PIA Systems has a Virtual File solution for you. Our consultants can help you take your paper or electronic documents and map out your information needs. By moving to a virtual file system your company will be able to much better analyze and control the information flow as well as who has access to it, while simultaneously cutting costs and waste.

All relationships that need to be managed in context to your Virtual Files can also be accommodated, no matter how complex they are. This allows for much greater strategic insight and control as you can actually see the breadth and depth of your processes and relationships.

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